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Top 10 Easy Steps to Turn Your Car into a Money-Maker in 2024

Did you know your car could be your ticket to extra income? It’s not just a machine that gets you from point A to B, but a potential goldmine on wheels. As we dive into this topic, I’ll share some savvy strategies to turn your vehicle into a money-making machine.

From ridesharing to advertising, there are a myriad of ways to profit from your car. If you’re intrigued by the idea of your car working as hard as you do, then you’re in the right place. Let’s buckle up and explore this journey together, unveiling the best ways to make money with your car.

Exploring the Gig Economy: Ridesharing and Delivery

Becoming a Driver for Uber or Lyft

Becoming a Driver for Uber or Lyft

Exploring the gig economy, I found that joining rideshare companies like Uber or Lyft represents a viable way to draw income from your car. They offer flexible work schedules, allowing you to decide the hours and days you want to work. Upon approval, which entails passing a background check and meeting vehicle requirements, I am ready to hit the road and start driving.

Stride, Uber’s preferred tax services partner, reports that drivers make an average of $8.55-$11.77 per trip. However, earnings vary based on location, time of day, and the number of trips completed.

Rideshare Company Average Earnings per Trip
Uber $8.55 – $11.77
Lyft Similar to Uber

Remember, income isn’t limited to fares, as tips contribute a substantial part of my earnings. So, providing exceptional service to each passenger ensures those all-important five-star ratings and often leads to generous tips.

Making Deliveries for DoorDash or Uber Eats

make delivery with your car

Another gig economy opportunity lies in delivery services like DoorDash or Uber Eats. They request that I use my car to deliver items, typically food, to different locations in my city. This option serves as a perfect alternative to ridesharing, particularly if I prefer less human interaction.

DoorDash reports that the average earnings for Dashers stand at around $18 per active hour, after expenses. Uber Eats hasn’t publicized average earnings for their drivers, but they tend to be similar to DoorDash.

Delivery Service Average Earnings per Active Hour
DoorDash $18
Uber Eats Similar to DoorDash

Prompt delivery and maintaining the food’s temperature and quality offer avenues to earn higher tips. Contrary to popular belief, these services allow me to accept tips, adding to my overall earnings.

Evidently, the gig economy comprises plentiful opportunities to maximize the profit derived from my car, either through ridesharing or delivery services.

Advertising on Wheels: Using Your Car for Ads

Advertising on Wheels

Transitioning from ride-hailing and delivery services, let’s explore an option where a person can convert his car into a mobile billboard. Advertising on wheels, as I like to call it, is a unique and potentially profitable way to generate steady passive income.

How to Partner with Ad Companies

Partnering with ad companies is as simple as ABC. Firstly, select an advertising company such as Carvertise or Wrapify. Secondly, apply for their advertisement programs. Qualifications for applicants vary, but typically, a clean driving record, a car model that is less than 10 years old, and driving a certain number of miles per week is required. Lastly, once approved, the company installs a vinyl decal or wrap on your car. These wraps display ads from the company’s clients, turning your vehicle into an on-the-go ad platform.

But is it really beneficial? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Vehicle Advertising

There are several advantages to running ads on your car. To state a few, it allows for a passive income stream. You simply drive as normal, but with an ad displaying on your car. Some companies offer payment on a per-mile basis, where average earnings range between $100 and $400 per month, depending on the graphics coverage on your vehicle. Additionally, there is an opportunity to participate in on-demand advertising campaigns which can offer even larger payouts.

Nonetheless, a few potential drawbacks are noteworthy. The most substantial downside is the lack of control over the ad content. You might not agree with what’s advertised on your vehicle. Moreover, some drivers might find the wrap to limit the car’s aesthetic appeal. Regular maintenance of the wrap is also required to keep the advertisement in good condition. Therefore, whilst it’s possible to earn quite a bit with minimal effort, it’s crucial to weigh these pros and cons before diving into vehicle advertising.

Renting Out Your Car

Renting Out Your Car

Transitioning from vehicle advertising, an alternative way to make money from your car is to rent it out when you’re not using it. This can serve as an excellent source of passive income. In the following subsections, I’ll shed light on renowned platforms for renting your car and share tips to maximize rental earnings.

Platforms Like Turo and Getaround

Turo and Getaround are peer-to-peer car-sharing platforms, offer an easy way to rent out your parked vehicle. Both platforms manage the rental process end-to-end, providing necessary insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance.

For car owners, Turo offers 65% to 85% of the trip price, less in the case of a commercial host. On Getaround, car owners take home 60% of each trip’s revenue.

Tip: While joining these platforms is straightforward, remember to comprehend the contract terms and insurance coverage.

  • Pricing: Set competitive pricing for your car. Monitor comparable cars in your area using Turo’s Carculator or Getaround’s GetEstimate.
  • Availability: Offer your car for rent during peak times. Consider weekends, holidays, and local events.
  • Car Condition: Keep your car clean. A well-maintained car attracts more renters, resulting in higher earnings.
  • Reviews: Good reviews are critical in the peer-to-peer car rental space. Providing an excellent service to your customers helps garner positive reviews, paving the way for more bookings.
  • Extras: Offer add-ons like child seats, GPS systems, or pre-paid fuel. These extras enhance the renter’s convenience and can lead to an increase in your overall revenue.

Remember, renting out your car demands attention to detail. It’s important to familiarize yourself with potential risks and profits before embarking on this journey to earn extra income.

Specialty Services: Moving and Hauling

Moving on from car rental options, let’s explore utilizing vehicles for moving and hauling jobs. These specialty services hold potential for generating additional income and can be particularly lucrative if you own a truck or van.

Using Your Truck or Van Effectively

A truck or van is a valuable asset in the moving and hauling industry. The size and load capacity of these vehicles make them ideal for transporting household items, equipment, and other large goods. Make use of platforms like Bellhops and Dolly that bridge the gap between vehicle owners and customers who require moving services. These platforms enforce safety and reliability, with comprehensive checks on the identity and background of all partakers.

Keep in mind, customer satisfaction is key. Strive to maintain punctuality, professionalism and politeness to boost your reputation on these platforms. A well-managed service not only increases your rating on these platforms but also encourages customers to recommend you to their network.

Setting Rates and Marketing Your Service

To set competitive rates for your services, consider factors like your vehicle’s fuel consumption, wear and tear, time spent, and the market average. Some platforms provide suggested pricing based on these parameters. Remember, your rates make a significant impact on your service’s attractiveness to potential clients.

Marketing your services effectively plays a monumental role in attracting customers. Tap into social media platforms for promotion and connect with potential clients through local community listings. Make use of online classified platforms like Craigslist where people often search for moving and hauling services. Most importantly, always act with integrity and kindness – word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool!

Your car is more than just a vehicle for personal transportation; it can be a viable source of income with the right strategy. Whether it’s moving and hauling or renting out your vehicle, each option comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges. It’s all about choosing the one that works best for your situation and managing it effectively.


So, there you have it. Making money with your car isn’t just a pipe dream – it’s a reality. Whether you’re diving into the gig economy with ridesharing or vehicle advertising, renting out your wheels on platforms like Turo and Getaround, or using your truck for moving and hauling gigs, the opportunities are vast. Just remember, it’s all about choosing the right strategy that aligns with your lifestyle and managing it effectively. Don’t forget the importance of customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and savvy marketing. With these strategies in your toolkit, you’re well on your way to turning your car into a money-making machine. Here’s to your success on this exciting journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the article talk about?

The article explores various ways individuals can use their vehicles to earn extra income. It discusses opportunities in the gig economy, such as ridesharing and advertising, renting out cars, and offering moving and hauling services.

What are some gig economy options for earning through vehicles?

Ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft, and vehicle advertising through companies like Carvertise, are popular choices. These allow vehicle owners to earn while they drive.

Can I rent out my car for passive income?

Yes, platforms like Turo and Getaround allow you to rent out your vehicle when you’re not using it. This makes for a source of passive income.

How can I use my truck or van for income?

Trucks and vans can be used for moving and hauling jobs. Platforms like Bellhops and Dolly connect vehicle owners with customers who need moving services.

What is the importance of customer satisfaction in these services?

Customer satisfaction is crucial in these services as it leads to positive reviews and recommendations, which increase your chances of getting more work.

Any key strategies for success in offering specialty services?

Setting competitive rates, conducting effective marketing through social media and other online platforms, and acting with integrity are key strategies for success.

What is the overall message of the article?

The article emphasizes that leveraging your vehicle for income presents varying opportunities and challenges. It stresses the importance of choosing the right strategy and managing it effectively.


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