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Best 3 Lenders that Offers 600 Credit Score Car Loan in 2024

Your credit score to buy a car is one of the many things you should think about if you want to buy an automobile. The more your credit rating, the more reasonable your rate of interest & terms. The credit score is a predictor as to how probably you are to pay back a loan. We looked through 600 credit score auto loan providers and found three that we think are the best. 

It is crucial that auto financing is accessible to consumers with a car loan with a 600 credit score because many depend on cars for a variety of reasons, including getting to and from work, moving the family, and a variety of other tasks.

A car may also be used as collateral for just a cash-out refinance and title loan, which is a speedy source of funds if you require them. Similar to any cash transaction, ensure that you fully comprehend everything before you agree to anything.

How Much Credit Score Needed to Buy a Car?

Credit Score

Buying a car doesn’t require a single credit score that fits all. But, every lender fixes their own rules. Therefore, you may see the different limits for distinct lenders. It is said if you have a good credit rating then your chances to get qualifying for an auto loan credit score of 600 will increase.

If your score is less then it might be difficult to get a lender and if you get them they will charge more finance from you. Therefore, people who have fair or excellent credit scores go for an auto loan. In case you have a car loan with 600 credit score then it might be possible that you will not be able to get a car. So, if your credit rating requires a lot of improvement then you will face trouble in finding a lender who can qualify you to get a car loan. 

Best Lenders for 600 Credit Score Car Loan

There are 3 car loan platforms that can link you with a local dealer who is willing to operate with poor-credit customers. Every network has wide reach all over the world for the greatest automobile brands and it is for new and second-hand cars. 

There are dealers who can provide you with in-house financing and for that no need to do a credit check. The good part is that you are getting the service for free and you are not under pressure to buy a car with a 600 credit score.


A bad credit score will not stop to operate with you in order to get a linear financier in your region. The brief loan application form simply needs to be filled out and takes three minutes.

Your loan application is then distributed to’s dealers who are willing to lend to people having subprime credit. Typically, a dealer and financing partner who matches your needs will respond right away. was established in 1994 and is headquartered in “El Segundo, California”. It is a part of the “Internet Brands Auto Group”. On its website, you can find a loan evaluator, a budget calculator, and helpful articles regarding buying a car with 600 credit score. The business promotes very quickly this could set a loan, and you’ll get a call back shortly after completing your application.


  • Free and without commitment application.
  • Focuses on bankruptcies, poor credit, 1st buyers, & subprime car loans.
  • Payments that are reasonable and free of application fees.
  • Obtain same-day clearance.
  • Connects thousands of automobile purchasers with car financing every day.

2. Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express

If you use Auto Credit Express then in less than 1 minute, you can pre-approve to get an auto loan credit score 600. Just needed to finish the easy loan application form by giving the following details: average credit rating, accommodation cost, pre-tax periodic income, & any other earnings on the garnish.

It will forward your request to the lender that is ideal for you if your age is 18 and you fulfill all the requirements that are needed. Once it is done you can finish the application procedure and get a fast decision so that you will get the loan amount as quickly as 1 working day. 

An “Internet Brands Auto Group company, Auto Credit Express” is based in Michigan. The site assists with your loan application in order to estimate the qualified amount before telling you to finish the loan process. Their expert team can help in figuring out how much amount you need to take for refinancing a car or for purchasing a new car.


  • They are experts in 600 credit score car loans, zero credit, recapture, & bankruptcy. 
  • One billion dollars for auto loans for bad credit have been closed through a dealer network.
  • They have been in this business since 1999.
  • Simple and you can pre-qualify within 30 seconds.
  • A bad credit score needs to have $1500 per month as income for approval.


With several ties to providers in your region, the service works a bit differently than most of its rivals. Users need to be a resident of the United States, aged 18 years, have a yearly income of not less than $18,000, and be able to spend not less than $5,000 in order to be prequalified for borrowing.

The age and mileage of the vehicle you seek to refinance might be between ten years and 125,000 kilometers, respectively., which has its corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas, is owned and run by Horizon Digital Finance. On its website, you can find a wealth of resources and instruments for financing cars. could be capable of obtaining a credit account from a few lenders without any payments over 90 days when you are a suitable subprime borrower looking to remortgage your car.


  • A new loan, loans to repair cars, secondhand, & refinancing loans.
  • Looks up lenders in a countrywide network.
  • Auto loans for a credit score of 600 are acceptable.
  • Receive up to four offers within a minute.
  • Within 24 hours, obtain an online lending certificate/check.

How Does Credit Score Impact Loan Costs?

How often you spend on a loan greatly depends on your credit rating for vehicle loans. Check out this “Experian chart” showing the average auto loan rate by credit rating:

Average APR for new cars Average APR for Used Cars
Super Prime 2.34% 3.66%
Prime 3.48% 5.49%
Near Prime 6.61% 10.49%
Subprime 11.03% 17.11%
Deep Subprime 14.59% 20.58%

At first glance, the gap between 20.58% & 3.66% may not appear to be much, so let’s see how it impacts the total amount of interest that you pay for the loan. With decent credit, you may purchase a car that costs $25,000, put $5,000 down, then repay it within 5 years. However, you’ll end up paying $1,916 as interest through the time the vehicle gets paid off.

Even by the day, if you repay it with poor credit, you’ll have paid a whopping $12,181 in interest—more than half the amount the car actually costs.

Can I Obtain an Auto Loan With a 600 Credit Score?

If you have ever met with a car dealer, you are aware of their near-limitless resources to persuade you to buy a car. Although having a 600 credit score auto loan is in no way advantageous, it also isn’t always a deal-breaker.

This is especially true for auto dealers who offer in-house automobile finance and Buy Here Pay Here. Such dealers can be more flexible than the manufacturers’ financial departments because they finance automobile loans with their own money.

Internal vehicle finance dealerships are a part of all 3 of the networks we’ve evaluated. Their financing techniques have been developed in accordance with their analysis of the expenses associated with having to repossess a car vs the revenue from a sale. Such a tactic enables many shops to give to borrowers irrespective of low credit scores.

Dealerships that provide self-financing simplify things to purchasing a car by putting more emphasis on your income over your credit rating. They also frequently take old trade-ins that are not in perfect shape. Your financial situation will undoubtedly limit the number of cars one can choose from, however, most purchasers experience this.

The conditions for a negative credit auto loan appear acceptable given the restrictions you must live with since you have a car loan with 600 credit score. Apparently, the general public believes that having a vehicle is worth paying the additional financing expenses, as seen by the 3 lending networks’ huge volume of references for loans for clients with weak credit.

How to Enhance a Credit Score Since You Buy a Car?

No need to worry when your credit rating isn’t great yet; you are not the only one. There are numerous actions you may do to raise your credit rating before submitting a car loan application. The following actions will help you score higher pretty quickly:

  • Pay off any debts that are past due.
  • Examine your credit history and challenge any inaccuracies.
  • Reduce your revolving debt (such as credit cards or other credit lines) as much as you can.
  • Do not submit to any hard credit checks while looking for new loans or services.
  • If there is no annual charge, keep using past credit cards that are no longer required.
  • Pull your credit capacity on the credit card by requesting them (but don’t use that additional credit if you don’t need it.

You can take the following actions to eventually raise your credit rating:

  • Always pay the payments on time; if you’re concerned that you may forget, configure autopay.
  • To diversify your credit options, launch new credit products when you require them, like credit cards and student loans.

It may take a while to raise your credit rating to the point where you are eligible for a reasonable auto loan. However, it will be completely worth it because you will be able to purchase the perfect car at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is a 662 credit score good?

With a FICO Score of 662, you fall into the category of people whose credit might be considered to be Fair. You have a FICO score of 662, which is less than the national average. According to statistics, 28% of customers with credit ratings in the acceptable level are expected to go into substantial arrears in the near future.

Q2. Can I get a car loan with a 600 credit score?

Yes. With an auto loan for a credit score of 600, it is still feasible to obtain a car loan. The drawback is that, in comparison to borrowers with great credit scores in the region of 750 and over, you are probably going to pay a greater interest rate.

Q3. What interest rate can I get with a 600 credit score?

  • Poor Credit (300 to 629): 27 – 32% Interest Rate. 
  • Fair Credit (630 to 689): 18 – 22% Interest Rate. 
  • Good Credit (690 to 719): 14 – 18% Interest Rate.

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