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Quicken vs QuickBooks: Comparative Review [2022]

There is plenty of software in this world that helps accountants and bookkeepers to maintain their accounting activities intact and to the point. But some of the software has a valuable impact on the market. Quicken and Quickbooks are two major accounting software that is very impactful these days. People often acquire these two pieces of software from their respective official sites. Quicken and QuickBooks- both software has their features and specifications. Both accounting software is designed for small and mid-sized companies around the world. But we are here to give you a comparative analysis of Quicken vs Quickbooks in this post to help you find a best suitable  

However, to determine whose software is ideal for your company, read this article in which I assess each product based on its features, functionality, and affordability. This article will undoubtedly aid you in deciding which of these to purchase for your company. So, let’s take a look at the Quicken Vs Quickbooks comparison to see which of the best matches your company requirement. 

Why Is Quicken VS QuickBooks Comparison Important?

Accounts and bookkeeping, since we all know, are the most essential aspects of any organization that must be maintained on a regular basis in order to provide error-free outcomes. However, if the entire work of accounting and bookkeeping is completed by people without the assistance of any management technology, it may take a month to finish and there is a risk of human mistakes in the outcome. To prevent making mistakes like this, you should invest in accounting software that allows you to manage your day-to-day accounting activities quickly and easily. Many individuals use accounting software, however, they are frequently confused between Quickbooks and Quicken.

This post is for you if you’ve been thinking about this issue for a long time but haven’t found a solution yet. Throughout this article, we evaluate all of the capabilities of Quicken versus Quickbooks, as well as their cost and usage. Comparisons work best if you have a fundamental understanding of both programs, which implies we need to first understand what Quickbooks and Quicken are? before moving over to the comparative section.

Quicken vs QuickBooks

Quicken Vs QuickBooks: Differentiation

The definition of both the software will lead you to the difference but the very own similarity in both the software is that both Quicken and Quickbooks are designed for small and mid-sized companies. Along with that, both software is a package of rich features that complete the core strength of the software.  Now the difference will be explained in the definition of both the accounting.

1: Definition of Quicken vs Quickbooks for Quicken vs Quickbooks

QuickBooks Accounting Software 

Quicken vs QuickBooks

Intuit, an American software firm, created and markets Quickbooks, the most well-known and adaptable accounting software package. This program was created specifically for small and medium-sized businesses to keep track of their accounting and bookkeeping activities in an efficient and time-efficient manner. This program handles all of the income and spending on its own, as well as keeping track of the company’s financial health. Quickbooks also allows the user to manage and pay bills, as well as create customized receipts, take company payments, and run payroll. Quickbooks customers make use of a variety of functions to keep track of their accounting and bookkeeping.

Quicken Home & Business Accounting Software

quicken home and business vs QuickBooks

Quicken is an individual accounting software platform that is primarily equipped to accommodate your money in the cloud. This software allows customers to track financial gains, spending, and cash flow, as well as handle all of their property-related finances, such as renting land or buildings, dealing with taxes, creating bespoke invoicing, and pursuing investment. 

Quicken makes it easy to organize and manage accounting activities in one location while keeping them separate from money tasks. Quicken is a mobile-friendly software application that will monitor your cash flow whether you’ll be surfing online, on your pc, or on your phone. You can see your full money tab, including revenue and expenditure, with just one tap on your mobile phone. This tool is effective and still has a good grip in the market when it comes to accounting for an individual. This software comes in handy when the accounting period is for a small structured work environment.

2: Features for Quicken vs Quickbooks

QuickBooks Accounting Application

Quickbooks is cloud-based technology that could be accessed anywhere via the internet and at any moment with internet access, and it also happens to be web and smartphone adaptive, as noted in the previous sentence. As a result, users will be able to access information via a mobile device as well as a web host. Quickbooks is a user-friendly application along with many adaptive features that help the users to make the software more useful.

Quicken vs QuickBooks

  • Multiple accounts are used to track the business’s financial gains and expenses.
  • Accept payments via the internet.
  • Send out payment reminders to your customers.
  • Keep track of the company’s mileage and daily transactions.
  • Type transactions into tax classes automatically.
  • Obtain and organize the payment receipt.
  • Create and send customized invoices.
  • Customize your report
  • Profit and loss statements, as well as balance sheets, should be run.
  • Customize your estimates and send them.
  • The dashboard allows you to keep track of money movements and headlines.
  • Calculate excise and keep track of sales at the same time.
  • Single-handedly manages 1099 contractors.
  • The user’s Business checking account is linked.
  • Cheques should be printed.
  • Allow a business controller to have account access.
  • Utilize other Quickbooks and third-party applications.
  • Customer Support for Quickbooks Mobile App
Quicken Accounting App

Quicken Home & Business is a computer program that can be installed and installed on your computer and is designed to help you manage your personal finances. Quicken’s most recent version enables users to view it both online as well as on their mobile devices. To establish your data among places, the customer merely has to select these selections. This accounting software solution is straightforwardly interoperable with the Windows operating system. 

quicken home and business vs QuickBooks

  • Income reports and financial statements
  • Rental, business, and rental property dealings all have their area.
  • Customers should be able to create and customize invoices.
  • Enable Quicken to send rental and business reports via email.
  • A unique tool to help you maximize your business deductions and create tax reports. Create and send personalized rent reminders to buyers using PayPal links.
  • Dashboard for all bills with a reminder
  • Income, lease lengths, rental rates, and deposits may all be tracked using this tool.
  • Customers can communicate with one another over the phone or online chat.

The above-mentioned indications clearly imply that they are extra separate instruments for rental property owners. If you work as a sole proprietor, a contractor, or a freelancer, there are adequate tools to manage your business or meet your business needs.

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3: Subscription Plan for Quicken vs Quickbooks

For users, contrasting Quickbooks and Quicken in respect of monetary goals is critical. It’s perfect to have the best management software that also suits your budget. Both software packages provide a variety of bonuses and features. That depends entirely on the company model you select and your financial constraints.

Quickbooks and Quicken, on the other hand, each have 4 main packages for subscribers to choose among. Every subsequent hitching posts additional features to your program and improves the efficiency of your operation.

QuickBooks Different Subscription Plans

Quickbooks Online has four different options to choose from, each of which is offered on a price basis. It all relies on whatever arrangement you choose and then set up, as well as which function you’ll use.

A: Simple Start- $25 per month

This configuration allows for final invoicing and estimates, expense tracking, contact management, limited news choices, and mobile app support for a single user.

B: Plus Plan- $70 per Month

The ad configuration provides multi-user access to its consumers around the world, with a maximum of 5 users. It has all of the features of an easy start subscription, but it requires the user’s permission to use them and set up a subscription. 

Time monitoring, project income tracking, inventory and bill administration, and a venture hub that allows the user to link specific labor value, payroll information, and expenditures to the pleasure project are all available.

C: Advance Plan- $150 per month

The Advanced setup, like the others, allows for multi-user access, but with a maximum of 25 users at a time. There are some different options, such as premium client assistance, online coaching classes, batch commerce talents, sophisticated news, and role-based access rights for enhanced surveillance, with all of the and installation choices.

D: Self-used Plan- $15 per month

The freelancing arrangement differs from the other structure in a few ways. The user may receive quarterly tax management when putting this up, which is excellent for any Freelancer. Furthermore, customers may obtain associated estimations using capabilities such as 1099 contractor management and sales/sales tax tracking.

These are the basic subscription options for users, however, Quickbooks payroll is also available in three other plans with add-ons:

Payroll Core– $45 per month + $4 per worker per month

Payroll Premium- $75 per month + $8 per worker per month

Payroll Elite– $125 per month + $10 per worker per month.

Quicken Subscription Plans

Quicken Home & Business also provides four membership options that users may choose from depending on their business needs. Quicken’s subscription plans are available in a yearly format. A yearly membership may appear to be a little pricey to the customer, but there is an extra catch: Quicken gives 30 days money-back guarantee for their accounting solution.

A: Starter Plan- $35.99 per annum

Quicken’s one-year starting package allows customers to track their spending, invoices, and budgets with alternatives for acceptable expenses. Users may check their bank accounts as well as their credit cards using this setup. 

B: Deluxe Plan- $51.99 per annum

For a year, the Deluxe plan offers all of the features of the beginning plan, plus the ability to customize your budget. This plan is the most popular of all the others since it includes an important element for long-term company goals at a reasonable price when compared to the beginner plan.

C: Premier Plan- $77.99 per annum

The Premier plan includes all of the features of the Deluxe plan, as well as some new features such as free online bill payments, priority customer service, and much more, as well as a variety of tools to help with tax preparation. Higher portfolio analysis, average return comparisons, schedule D tax generation, and quick Pay digital bill payments are among them.

D: Home & Business Plan- $103.99 per annum

Before going into detail about this configuration and the function that comes with it, it’s important to note that this configuration is only available in Windows OS but not for other OS users, unlike the other three plans that are available for both Windows and macOS.

Let’s move on to the last Quicken Subscription; this Home & Business plan has all of the Premier plan’s features. However, because it’s a block of business and property management tools, it’s a unique feature that no other plans provide. This application separates personal and business costs, creates profit and loss statements, income reports, schedule C and E reports, bespoke email invoices, and lease terms, rental rates, margins, rentals, and rental papers estimations and management.

4: Mobile Responsiveness for Quickbooks Vs. Quicken 

It might be difficult to compare Quickbooks and Quicken in terms of mobile usability because both applications allow users to access their accounting data on the go. Users of both Android and iOS can download a Mobile App through their app store. In today’s world, where everyone wants everything on their phone, developing a mobile app for their customers is a great idea

Does Quicken support Mobile Responsiveness? 

Mobile compatibility for Both Software

The user will be able to conduct several useful activities using the Quicken Mobile App, such as reading their checking account group activity.  The following are some of the actions that a user will conduct using a mobile app device.

  • View checking account balance and group action
  • Input account group action and fasten receipts.
  • View the budget you created with the desktop program.

The Quicken Mobile app allows the user to accomplish many of these functions, but unfortunately, the user is unable to create client invoices or record delinquent bills.

Does QuickBooks Support Mobile Responsiveness?

Mobile compatibility for Both Software

The QuickBooks mobile app works in the same way as the desktop site. Users only need to sign in to the application, and voila, you now have full access to your QuickBooks account and can conduct any operations related to the business on your mobile device.

Here on Quicken Mobile App, a user will execute the remaining task:

  • Add new customers and vendors.
  • Create custom-made invoices.
  • The smartphone GPS can assist you to trace the auto mileage.
  • Take photos of the receipt with the smartphone and fasten it to the group action.
  • Enlist the seller’s bills. 

5: Customer Review on Quicken Vs. Quickbooks 

Customer reviews are by far the most valuable elements of every comparative or evaluation post since they inform the reader about both the program users’ opinions. These consumer reviews assist new users in deciding what to buy and what not to buy. So let’s get straight into these phases.

QuickBooks Reviewed By Its Users

Customer review for Both Software

Positive Remarks:

Clients appreciate Quickbooks online far more than the Quicken home & business accounting software. 

  1. On the plus side, a mobile app for Quickbooks draws more clients and generates positive feedback.
  2. They like the idea of being able to do any activity or watch their company progress from anywhere using a mobile application, and everything is automatically synchronized across all platforms because the data is stored in the cloud for good.
  3. QuickBooks Online has been praised for a variety of choices at a reasonable price that allows consumers to easily alter their most sophisticated accounting chores. 
  4. Quickbooks also integrates with third-party tool applications that streamline operations and eliminate the need for business owners to report chores.
Negative Remarks:

Many customers examine the rating arrangement for much larger-ticket items, and as a result, the code is also unreachable, particularly for new businesses. Furthermore, QuickBooks’ wide variety of functions will present a learning curve to novice business owners.

Quicken Reviewed by Its Users
Positive Remark:
  1. Recently, many customers have expressed their satisfaction with Quicken’s service, which is very important for company owners. 
  2. The United Nations agency, or a small entity cluster, or just a freelancer, or for those who operate alone, has just begun their task.
  3. Quicken has a feature that sets it apart from Quickbooks: it has a distinct section for personal and business spending and records, as well as the ability to discriminate between each bank and credit card.
Negative Remarks:
  1. Customers frequently express dissatisfaction with Quicken’s integration with third-party apps. When users try to connect to third-party programs, a problem appears and disrupts their work.
  2. Client support is frequently unable to determine the cause of the problem.

6: Other Benefits For Quicken Vs. QuickBooks 

All of the above comparisons are pointless if there is no value to the user. Both software provides its customers with a variety of perks, which we detailed in this Quicken home and business vs Quickbooks comparison.

Benefits of QuickBooks Online Application
  1. As long as the user has an internet affiliation, the user may access their Quickbooks account at any time and from any location.
  2. QB Online is among the most feature-rich accounting software systems available in the market.
  3. Quickbooks offers a 30 day trial to its users. With this offer, the user may try out the software for thirty days to see if it meets their company’s needs.
  4. The Quickbooks package’s initial setup is more than sufficient for a user to maintain track of their business and record their routine bookkeeping, invoicing, reporting, and charging.
  5. Because their subscription structure is based on a monthly payment, users can change or upgrade their business configuration at any moment.
  6. Quickbooks provides a business-oriented design with easy access for its users.
  7. Quickbooks is also available as an application for smartphones and tablets.
Benefits of Quicken Home & Business

When it comes to Quicken’s benefits, it has certain disadvantages over QuickBooks.

  1. Quicken is the greatest choice you’ll ever desire if you’re using the software to handle personal and company spending. It offers a few business tools, such as personal finance, investment account management, and a lot more.
  2. Tracking your company and personal finances at the same time can lead to misunderstandings in bookkeeping, taxes, and even legal difficulties. Using the Quicken package to handle your account is commendable since it provides distinct tracking ways for business and personal spending.
  3. Quicken automatically separates your bank account or credit cards for each cost if you keep your personal and business expenses in the same system.
  4. In comparison to Quickbooks, Quicken has a higher rating. 
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Last Words!

Regarding the above information, I hope you find it worthy and useful for yourself. This article is all about the Quicken Vs. Quickbooks which explain all comparison between its features, subscription plans, and other benefits along with customer review. Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to choose one suitable accounting application for your business. Both software has its separate condition and functionality to work. You can suitable software accordingly.