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Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool | Fix QB Installation Issues

Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Installation issues disappear immediately once the user scans the QuickBooks files and folders through QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. It is yet another remarkable tool designed by Intuit. The tool consists of several unique features that help to fix issues while installing or updating QuickBooks. Several new QuickBooks users end up with its use when experts … Read more

QuickBooks File Doctor : Download, Install and Use

QuickBooks File Doctor

Quickbooks is a well-known Intuit product used for accounting and performing other financial activities for a firm. It is used by mid-sized and small-sized companies to make tasks easier to perform and get a one-stop solution for all accounting issues. Despite the fact of how good Quickbooks is, like other software, you can face issues … Read more

India Demonetisation- Is it Helpful?


On 8 November 2016 Indian Government called out for Demonetisation. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi declared that from midnight of the same day, the note of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 would not have any value. What does demonetized mean? Why did the government take such drastic decisions? Did Demonetisation turn out good … Read more

Wells Fargo Fraud Scandal

Wells Fargo Fraud

A few years back, Wells Fargo was involved in a scandal. It is the third-largest bank in the nation. The reputation of the bank had been severely hampered due to the Wells Fargo fraud department. The fraud case of Wells Fargo has diminished the reputation of the company. The scandal included accessing more than 2.1 … Read more

Microfinance Institutions to Improve the Savings in Latin America

Microfinance Institutions

For the past few years, experts and economists have been discussing various methods to make financial inclusion more achievable for all groups of society. Hence, they introduce microfinance to include the low income or unemployed groups in the financial growth. In this movement, microcredit is the focused term to improve the economical condition of the … Read more

Upgrade the Existing Financial Inclusion

upgrade financial inclusion

Re-imagining Financial Inclusion is important for the empowerment of low-income communities, especially women. The existing financial services are not serving much to the people who are at the base of the economical pyramid. So how would we do that and is it even possible to redesign the existing system? This article will cover everything.  The … Read more

Innovative Ways for Responsible Digital Financial Services

Responsible Digital Financial Services

With the increasing use of mobile money or digital finance, services have their own merits and demerits. We all know about the various advantages of digital transactions and some of us have also experienced the dark side of it. Alongside the comfort, we should be also concerned about the risk of online transactions as responsible … Read more