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Easy Ways To Get Top-Rated Products To Review For Free

Ever wonder how some folks seem to be constantly showered with free stuff? I’m talking about the influencers and bloggers who always have the latest gadgets, beauty products, or fashion items to review. They’re not magicians, and no, they’re not robbing banks either. They’ve simply mastered the art of getting products to review for free.

Intrigued? You should be. It’s a fun, exciting, and potentially profitable venture. And the best part? You don’t need a million followers or a high-flying lifestyle to get started. Stick around and I’ll show you the ropes. Let’s unravel the mystery together and dive into the world of free products for reviews.

Understanding Free Product Reviews

Understanding Free Product Reviews

Engrossing in free product reviews emerges as a captivating and potentially profitable venture that anyone can participate. In the following sections, I’m delving deeper into why companies give away products for free and the benefits these arrangements provide to reviewers.

Why Companies Offer Free Products

Companies often gift out products for free, especially to bloggers or influencers, for a number of reasons. Firstly, they aim to create visibility for their products. By sending these products out to reviewers who have a following, even if minimal, it helps initiate word-of-mouth marketing.

Take Apple, for instance. The company often sends out their latest iPhone to tech reviewers before anyone else. These tech reviewers, like MKBHD or iJustine, have millions of subscribers eagerly waiting to see their latest video. In this setup, Apple gains immense exposure for their new product.

Secondly, they want to gather feedback. If 100 reviewers point out the same flaw, that’s a definite indicator that something needs fixing. Finally, chances are they’re hoping for some positive reviews, which serve as bolstering testimonials.

Benefits to Reviewers

The advantages of reviewing free products are numerous for reviewers too. The most obvious, of course, gets free products that might otherwise be costly. For someone just starting out, these free agency products could provide an ideal boost to cover content on their blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram page.

Furthermore, companies send out the latest technologies and products for review, allowing reviewers to keep up with trends and offer their followers first-hand insights. Think about how a fashion blogger can review the next season’s trends even before they hit the stock market trend lines. This edge can set reviewers apart from the rest who are only able to report on trends as they appear in stores.

Lastly, if conducted professionally, reviewers can build profitable relationships with brands, perhaps even earning contracts for regular reviews, or becoming brand ambassadors. As an example, beauty blogger Jeffree Star often previews products from Morphe before they’re available to the public, showing the perks of having established relationships with brands.

To sum it up, reviewers benefit from the system of free product reviews just as much as the companies offering the products. It’s a synergistic relationship where all parties involved reap rewards.

Establish Your Review Platform

Establish Your Review Platform

A crucial step to earning free products for reviews involves setting up a robust review platform. An optimized platform not only boosts your visibility but also showcases your professional approach, increasing chances of brands considering you for their product reviews.

Choosing the Right Medium

Making an informed choice about the right medium for your reviews is, indeed, essential. It could be YouTube for video reviews, Instagram for quick product highlights, or even a blog for in-depth, well-detailed reviews. Each platform has its unique strengths – YouTube caters to a global audience appreciating visual content, Instagram attracts a demographic that prefers brevity and beauty, while blogs provide a space for comprehensive reports and SEO benefits.

For example, Unbox Therapy uses YouTube to showcase technology product reviews visually, making a deep impact on viewer impressions. They resonate with audiences who prefer visual content – hence attesting to the effectiveness of YouTube as a review platform. Fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni, on the other hand, favor Instagram because the platform supports visual storytelling unique to fashion reviews. Lastly, entities like Wirecutter make excellent use of blogs to delve into reviews with text-based, in-depth analysis, satisfying the reader’s quest for detailed information.

Building an Audience

Up next is the task of audience-building; remember, numbers play a defining role here. A larger audience means wider reach and impact, making you more attractive to brands seeking extensive exposure for their products. This step involves optimizing all social media accounts, posting regularly, and involving followers with engaging content, like giveaways and quizzes.

Take the example of Instagram star, Amanda Cerny. She gained massive follower base by posting engaging, relatable, and humorous content regularly on Instagram. Similarly, lifestyle blogger Zoe Sugg used regularly updated vlogs and blogs with fresh and relatable content to amass a large, loyal readership. The bigger audience you manage to engage, the higher the chances of catching a company’s attention for product reviews.

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Finding Free Products to Review

Finding Free Products to Review

In my quest to find free products to review, I have discovered a plethora of excellent methods. Here I’m going to outline and explain some of the best choices I’ve made in this journey, which revolve around joining review websites and apps, contacting companies directly, and attending trade shows and events.

Joining Review Websites and Apps

Becoming a member of review websites and apps was my first fruitful strategy. There are numerous platforms available, like Influenster, BzzAgent, and PinchMe. These platforms provide free samples of products to their members for review purposes. For instance, Influenster’s VoxBox is a box filled with a variety of free products for members to try and write reviews about. Following registrations, these platforms usually ask you to fill out a user profile which provides some insight into your preferences and areas of expertise, thus aiding them to align suitable products with the right people. Finding products for review purposes thus becomes considerably easier with this method.

Contacting Companies Directly

Next in line was direct communication with the companies. Many brands tend to appreciate prospective reviewers reaching out to them. After carefully researching the market, I identified brands that matched my niche and sent them well-crafted emails expressing my interest in reviewing their products. It’s crucial to keep these mails precise, professional, and persuasive, emphasizing how the brand stands to benefit from the review. As an example, if your niche is skincare, you could reach out to a brand like The Ordinary, explaining why their products are ideal for your audience.

Attending Trade Shows and Events

Lastly, attending trade shows and events proved to be a rewarding method as well. They often showcase the latest products and ideas, and present a golden opportunity to network with brands looking for exposure. It’s a matter of meeting the right people at these events and expressing your interest in their products. As an example, Beautycon is a popular beauty industry trade show where you might encounter brands eager for reviews. By attending such events, I’ve been able to secure a multitude of opportunities to review new and innovative products.

In sum, finding free products to review is no longer a challenging task. These strategies – joining review websites or apps, contacting companies directly, and attending trade shows and events – have allowed me to consistently secure amazing products to review while bolstering my standing in the industry.

Creating Quality Reviews

Creating Quality Reviews

After getting free products, the next move involves penning down some quality reviews. Gaining the products is just a section of the process; creating engaging and honest reviews propels a reviewer’s credibility in the digital realm.

Honesty and Transparency

In the world of product reviewing, honesty and transparency are not optional – they’re expected. Dishonest reviews can lead to a loss of trust in viewers or readers, ultimately damaging the reviewer’s reputation. Whenever I write a review, I underline both the pros and cons of the product. For instance, if I’m reviewing a skincare product, I’ll detail its moisturizing effects (pros) and its possible irritation for sensitive skin (cons).

Moreover, transparency about any affiliacy with the product’s company is crucial. For example, stating, “This product was sent to me by the company for review, but all the opinions expressed are my own” preserves my credibility and boosts my viewers’ trust.

Engaging Content Techniques

A quality review isn’t just about inspecting the product; it’s about presenting this inspection in an engaging manner. To make my content captivating, I often incorporate a mix of different content types such as text, images, and even videos if it’s applicable.

The power of storytelling shouldn’t be underestimated either. Instead of merely listing the product’s attributes, I weave them into relatable real-life experiences. Using a skincare product review as an example again, I might describe how the product saved my skin on a winter holiday, instead of just stating it provides excellent moisturization.

Equally important, I make sure to interact with my audience. This could mean answering comments under the review post, running polls about the product, or even hosting giveaways. These engagement techniques attract attention and foster a feeling of community. Doing this not only makes the review more interesting, but also encourages viewers or readers to trust my opinions, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of my reviews.

Thus, creating quality reviews involves more than just an assessment of the product, it also involves delivering this assessment in an engaging, honest, and transparent way.

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Leveraging Reviews for More Opportunities

Reviews for More Opportunities

Establishing strong relationships with brands often offers boundless opportunities for getting free products to review. From my experience, it’s not just about reaching out and asking for freebies. Brands value partnerships. Thrusted upon the basis of mutual benefits, these relationships are akin to a two-way street. Once you’ve reviewed a product for a company, follow up with them, give them feedback on your audience’s reaction, share your insights, and propose future collaborations.

Quick response to brand communication, adherence to deadlines, and professionalism play crucial roles in fostering beneficial relationships. Brands appreciate promptness, reliability, and consistency in their influencers. For instance, review turn-around speed is vital – it sets you apart. Companies often prefer those who can review products efficiently, providing critical analysis within a short timeframe.

Expanding Your Review Niches

One common thing I’ve noticed is that reviewers tend to pigeonhole themselves into specific niches. While it’s important to specialize, don’t hesitate to diversify. There’s value in demonstrating that you’re versatile enough to review a wide array of products. That versatility increases the chances of grabbing those coveted freebies for review.

For example, if you usually review tech gadgets, try including a segment on tech books or software. You’re likely to find that branching out often results in new and exciting opportunities. Remember, innovation lies at the junction where different niches intersect.

Leveraging reviews for more opportunities isn’t merely about amassing free products. It’s much more. It’s about positioning yourself as a valuable partner to brands, showcasing your versatility as a reviewer, and ultimately, about creating compelling content that benefits both your audience and the brands you collaborate with.


So there you have it. I’ve shared the ins and outs of getting free products for review. From building a solid audience base and platform on sites like YouTube, Instagram, and blogs, to joining review websites and apps, reaching out to companies directly, and attending trade shows. Remember, it’s not just about getting free stuff, it’s about providing valuable, honest, and engaging reviews. It’s about showcasing your professionalism and versatility, and positioning yourself as a valuable partner to brands. The journey might seem daunting, but with dedication and the right approach, you too can become a successful product reviewer like Unbox Therapy or Chiara Ferragni. So why wait? Start your journey today and unlock a world of free products to review.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can influencers and bloggers get free products for review?

Influencers and bloggers can get free products for reviews by establishing a strong platform and audience on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and blogs. They can also join review product websites and apps, directly contact companies, and attend trade shows and events.

Who are some successful influencers who have received products for review?

Two prominent influencers who have received products for review are Unbox Therapy, known for tech product reviews, and fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni.

How can influencers create quality reviews?

Influencers can create quality reviews by providing transparent, honest, and engaging content. They should detail the pros and cons of each product, disclose any affiliations with companies, and utilize various content types to keep their audience engaged.

How can influencers leverage their reviews for more opportunities?

To leverage their reviews for more opportunities, influencers should build relationships with brands, demonstrate professionalism, expand their review niches to showcase their versatility, and position themselves as valuable partners to brands through compelling content creation.

What’s the importance of honesty and transparency in product reviews?

Honesty and transparency in product reviews are essential to maintain the trust and loyalty of the audience. Disclosing affiliations with companies and providing unbiased reviews helps influencers uphold their credibility.

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